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About Us

Founder, Gregg Shannon, got started in the industry working as an undercover agent at the age of nineteen for the renowned  Pinkerton Agency (the founder of what's now known as the U S Secret Service) while attending Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California.  After graduating, he continued working for various companies in an effort to become fully versed in all aspects of investigations, including criminal and civil defense including plaintiff investigations.  In 1988, Gregg Shannon became a manager of an investigation agency in Sherman Oaks, California and was later promoted to open and manage a new branch office in San Diego, California.  Gregg Shannon ran the entire division at this branch office for two years.  In 1991, he completed his apprenticeship and started his own business in San Diego, California.  A year later he moved the business operation to Scottsdale, Arizona to better serve the entire Southwestern US.  In 1993, Gregg Shannon began serving the Pacific Northwest areas of the US and now services the entire Western and in 2015 the Southeastern United States.

Unlike most large investigative agencies who assign their work out to other, less-experienced investigators, Gregg Shannon primarily performs his investigations himself, investing his years of expertise in every case.  

Insurance Fraud Specialists uses state-of-the-art equipment and is always updating the equipment to keep pace with technological advances.  This is evident with the broadcast quality equipment listed below currently used by this agency and converted to the surveillance industry, giving you, the client the best possibility quality for video evidence.  Compare our equipment to our competitors and you will likely find they are still using taped video formats that compress the quality below HD and in most cases don't even use HD quality equipment.  You will discover they mostly use consumer based cam-corders with digital lenses that at best produce poor quality and distortion at ranges necessary when videoing a subject at far distances.  Why base your evidential video necessary in reducing your liability exposure with sub-par or out dated equipment used by other agencies?

  • For surveillance we utilize only HD 1080 and 4K cameras that incorporate C/CS mounts for the ability to use interchangeable zoom lenses. Our Agency has been able to evolve with the industry's recent changes by deploying a new line of surveillance cameras offered by Vitek. The camera uses a new CMOS sensor chip that has a lux rating of .0005 and allows color video to be obtained at near total darkness. We also use Smartphones with professional video camera apps paired with a long range optical spotting scope connected by an adapter ring thus becoming what is known as a digiscope. Video can then be privately streamed live or sent to the client through the internet via Youtube or Vimeo. Clients can also store their captured video sent to them on a cloud medium for storage or choose to have them copied onto a Blu-ray DVD or one of our custom credit card style USB drives (to give to doctors and opposing attorneys). We incorporate both types of equipment to enhance our ability to secure quality video for you, the client. We also use hardwired (sometimes body worn) mini hidden HD 1080 cameras with built-in DVR's thus eliminating the older and larger DVR versions that were hard to conceal. These mini hidden 1080 HD cameras can be used for different applications and disguised in the shape of prescription glasses and functional writing pens. See our Services & Fees page for details.
  • Our mobile surveillance vehicles deploy the digital Vitek HD VTC-C2B-HS 2.1 mega pixel CCTV 1080p camera with 3G-SDI cabling (serial digital interface) attached to a 1.3 mega-pixel, Tuss 10-350 mm zoom/iris/focus lens used with a controller. This lens has an "F" stop rating of 1.5 coupled with this HD camera having a color lux rating of .0005 for day and night use.  This camera only needs a minimum of ambient light at night to see a target and clearly be identified. It can also be used with an IR illuminator for covert surveillance in complete darkness. We record our surveillance cameras to a hand held (7 inch HD touch screen) Atomos Shogun 4K, also known as ultra-high-definition-TV, (4096 X 2160 lines of resolution) uncompressed digital recorder for recording all cameras HD formats. This recorder records onto SSD drives (solid state drives) that have no moving parts to fail unlike spinning hard drives.  The Shogun records onto Apple's HQ Pro-Res, currently the best professional recording format in the business thus bypassing the compression codec that both camcorders and DSLR cameras currently use. 
  • When permissible, we use GPS surveillance equipment to tail hard to follow subjects; or when previous agencies have been exposed to the target.  Most other agencies will opt to deploy multiple investigators to follow these difficult subjects, however our approach usually eliminates the need for this and saves you money.  We also use magnetized business signs on our vehicles to disguise our appearance and help us blend into neighborhoods and avoid detection.   Our night surveillance vehicles operate using a switch that disengages interior, backup and brake lights to minimize detection. 

We have contacts throughout the United States and abroad to help gather information through in-depth computer searches with extensive networks that prove especially valuable for missing persons cases, lost heirs, relatives and old lovers.  

We are able to obtain addresses to unpublished telephone numbers and can locate cell phone numbers in order to locate hard to find individuals.  We can also perform various utility searches to locate witnesses, former policyholders, and claimants who use P.O. box addresses. 

Insurance Fraud Specialists has experience with assisting city & county district attorneys, US & state attorney general offices, the FBI and department of insurances in numerous states with preparing cases for prosecution.  We have extensive experience working with Special Investigation Units for insurance companies, self insured's and third party administrators in the solving of insurance fraud claims related to workers compensation, property & casualty, auto claims and disability insurance policies.  We have testified in numerous civil suits (plaintiff & defense), criminal suits (for law enforcement and defense council) and workers compensation courts (for defense council).  Our expertise in these fields means you can rely on us to be there for you when court testimony finally occurs.

Below are video samples taken with our broadcast quality equipment that we can deploy on your next assignment.
1.)  This is a test video that demonstrates our camera and recording surveillance equipment by beginning  in black & white night mode and switching to color mode at a distance of 50 yards, 125 yards and ends at 275 yards with only ambient street light.
2.)  This demonstrates video taken during the day at 50 yards, 125 yards, 200 yards, and 300 yards and slightly further than 3/8 of a mile at (680 yards).
3.)  This was taken in only starlight conditions in black & white mode at 50 yards and then indoors in complete darkness using an IR scope light to sample the cameras abilities.
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