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Serving the Western and Southeastern U.S.    Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Our Investigative Specialties

We bill at $95 per hour and $.95 per mile from the nearest Airport or metropolitan city in which the case is actually worked. We charge additional fees for database searches.

Insurance Fraud Specialists offers services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and does not charge extra for holidays or rush cases.

For any of our equipment sales and installation or services, please call us for a quote.


  • Activity Checks: We Perform All Intelligence Gathering & Background Info.
  • AOE/COE: Interviews Done in Person at Accident Sites
  • Asset Searches: Property Ownerships, Deeds, Domestic and Overseas Bank Account Info., Stocks/Bonds Ownership, Employment and Social Security Income
  • Backgrounds: All Court Levels Including liens/Judgments, Marriage,
    Business Ownership, Corporate Affiliations and All License Verifications
  • Business & Consumer Financial Reports
  • Criminal & Civil Investigations: Plaintiff & Defendant 
  • Domestic Related: All Types of Personal Investigations
  • Driving Histories with Vehicle Ownership Including Aircrafts & Watercrafts
  • Education & Certificates, Occupational Good Standing Verifications 
  • Liability Investigations: Insurance Related, Corporate and Attorneys  
  • Witness Interviewing, Obtain Declarations & Neighborhood Canvassing 
  • Locates & Missing Persons: Insurance, Attorneys and Domestic Related 
  • Personal Injury Accidents: Plaintiff & Defendant
  • Locating Phone Numbers: Businesses, Home & Cellphones
  • Process Service for (Serving Subpoenas) in most states
  • Product Liability Investigations: Insurance, Corporate and Attorneys 
  • Record Retrievals of Public information Including PD Reports/911 Tapes
  • SIU and All Insurance Related Investigations 
  • Sub Rosa 
  • Surveillance: Stationary or Mobile 
  • Subrogation Investigations (Determining the Involvement of a Third Party) 
  • Undercover Operations

Average Turnaround Time:

  • Backgrounds and Locates — 1-2 Business Days
  • Activity Checks — 3 Business Days
  • Sub Rosa & Surveillances — 7 Business Days
  • AOE/COE — 15 Business Days

Errors And Omissions Coverage:

  • $1,000,000.00

Insurance Fraud Specialists supplies the client with typed reports, including statements, declarations, and still photography attachments (with claimant close-ups for ID purposes) on all cases using Microsoft Word 2011 PDF Format.  Our investigation reports are paperless and e-mailed to the client to save mailing costs and to expedite service.  Clients can also choose from having hard copies mailed directly to them or placed onto a flash drive.  We charge $20 per typed report page excluding the cover and billing pages.  *Note clients with domestic related cases can substitute typed reports for verbal reports thus resulting in savings for the client.  We record the original HD (1920 X 1080) videoed evidence onto SSD (non moving hard drives) on an Atomos Shogun mobile monitor/recorder in a non- compressed format (this prevents lost frames and quality loss during recording).  We use the highest quality recording format, HQ Apple Pro-Res for capturing video evidence.  We also record video on smartphones via digiscoping method using UHD OR 4K (4,096 X 2,160). The video is stored on the phone's memory and can be transferred to the cloud, or streamed directly and or emailed to the client via Vimeo or Youtube. *Note we no longer record or copy our video evidence onto CD's standard DVD's or any type of analog video tapes since they are not capable of recording HD video.  We copy our videoed evidence onto Blu-Ray DVD's (single, double, triple and quad layered) depending on the size of the file-size recorded during the surveillance.  This will allow viewing of recorded evidence in its full HD quality in which the video was originally captured.  We charge $45 per Blu-Ray custom DVD or a custom credit card style USB drive for the client or designee.  *Note the client should have a Blu-Ray DVD player and a HD monitor to review the videoed evidence in its full 1080 quality. 

Equipment can be purchased from Insurance Fraud Specialists depending on the situation that best suits the client for each individual case that may include the elimination of actual physical surveillance as it pertains to the use of GPS devises.  

Various types of background information or other intelligence gathering can be quoted as it pertains to each client's specific needs.  Court testimony is charged at a half-day rate of up to 4 hours including travel time at $400 and a full day thereafter at a rate of $700 per day not to exceed 8 hours including travel.  Parking fees for court attendance are billed in addition. 

We do not charge for initial consultations or telephonic updates to the client and their council.  Over-night delivery requests for videos will be charged directly to the client's FedEx or UPS accounts.  Domestic related and plaintiff attorney cases will require a retainer paid in advance before the start of a case.  All other invoices are due upon receipt.  We do accept cash, checks, money orders and PayPal accounts that accept all major credit and debit cards however we do not finance or extend any type of credit.               

We guarantee to get the job done right the first time and will work hard to make sure you are completely satisfied. Call us today and let us show you the Insurance Fraud Specialists, difference.


Below are Pivothead video glasses that have interchangeable sunglass and prescription lenses that record and store one hour of 1080 HD video in the glasses at 30fps. it can also take color digital stills at 8 megapixels (3264 X 2468) and stream video live (via Bluetooth) while allowing the user to choose the time & date stamp on the videos. 

Below is a Vortex Razor HD 11-33X50 spotting scope used as a digiscope for long range surveillance videoing. The scope can be mounted with any smart phone (shown here with an iPhone 8 Plus) with a "Phone Skope" brand adapter that is guaranteed not to break! Together they are mounted here on top of a Manfrotto fluid pan& tilt head for smooth and easy movements when videoing. The equipment shown here are mounted on a Manfrotto 241 window suction mount for support and can easily be moved from window to window inside of a vehicle while performing surveillance. This state-of-the-art equipment has far superior optics than camcorders that require much needed light in early morning and at dusk hours (high F-stops). Most camcorders also deploy undetachable lenses and digitize at far focal distances becoming distorted. Professional grade camcorders with detachable lenses are heavy and cumbersome and still demand a lot of light to record quality.

The photo below houses the Bushnell Ultra HD Legend 10X42 fixed optical monocular on top of the same gear as the top photo but has a Manfrotto window mount instead of the window suction mount. It to can be moved quickly from window to window or when needing to be detach and placed on a dashboard using a mini tripod. These types of HD nitrogen filled glass scopes are water and fog proof and can be taken into the field regardless of the weather. The use of the smart phone system allows the user to record and send video immediately from the field to a desired client or stored on a cloud without deterioration or office clutter. With the app, “Timestamp Camera” on a smart phone the time and date including the GPS location can be burned into the video at the time it is taken instead of postproduction. The time/date and the GPS cannot be manipulated by the user during the actual recording and is synchronized with one’s smart phone regardless of time zones making them ideal for court testimony. 

The photo below taken inside of our surveillance van depicts the Vitek HD VTC-C2B-HS 1080p CCTV box camera attached to a Tokina 16-160 manual lens with a mini Manfrotto fluid pan & tilt head located on the right of the photo. This set up is used for night vision capturing color video with minimal light. On the left of the photo is a Mintron HD 1080p box camera with a Tuss 10-350 mm auto iris/zoom/focus lens operated by a electronic controller, used for close up and far away image capturing for daytime video. This camera is mounted on top of a Manfrotto fluid pan & tilt tripod head embedded through a desk/workstation connected by a Manfrotto lateral accessory arm  allowing the cameras to move laterally as well. The articulated arm mounted in the middle of the cameras has an Atomos 4K uncompressed Shogun Recorder attached that can record both cameras.


Is your current vendor using the most advanced technology the industry has to offer to assist you in your investigation? Most agencies will say they use state-of-the-art equipment but they actually use outdated technology. So don't be fooled, ask your vendor to give you examples of their equipment and then compare it to the best that's available in the industry.

Below are disguised surveillance vans appearing as ordinary service vans often seen in your neighborhoods. Surveillance vans deploying this technique allows an investigator to get close to a target when activity can only be seen up close and prevents nosy neighbors from becoming suspicious especially in school zones.

Photo A is the smallest tracker unit available on the market today and this agency can deploy it to assist in surveillance. We have been using GPS devices for the past fifteen years and have always kept up with evolving technology so that our clients get the best the industry has to offer. This unit can be used inside or outside a vehicle, carried in a backpack and is waterproof. This tracker has a built-in motion detector that gives the user text messages to any desired smart phone (up to three at any one time) when it is in motion and when it comes to a final stop. It can be monitored live 24/7 on your cellphone (with Internet access for Google mapping) or computer via the Internet. It will also record the duration of stops and starts with physical addresses. The unit can be contacted to get an immediate GPS location sent back to any desired cell phone.


Photo B is a IR (infrared) scope light that mounts on all of our surveillance cameras that are IR sensitive thus allowing video to be taken in complete darkness.


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